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Reset Your Metabolism

Transform Your Health and Lose 10+kgs in 6 Weeks or Less?​

Do these sound familiar?

  • Your energy levels crash throughout the day and you feel sluggish

  • You have stubborn weight you can't get rid of, no matter what you do

  • ​Your hormones are a hot mess

  • You struggle with poor sleep

  • You have inflammation and/or pain

  • Overloading yourself with diets and fitness plans that aren’t feasible for your schedule​

  • Low confidence and poor self esteem when you look at yourself in the mirror

  • Feeling Mind, Body, and Spiritual Disconnect​

If you said “Yes” To Any Of These, 

I Have An Answer For You!

Dear Health Seeker

My name is Mohamed Mostafa, and I’m passionate about helping you live your healthiest, happiest, and

most fulfilling life.


As a Sport Physical Therapist and a Health Coach, I saw the short-comings of conventional dieting and grueling exercise in attempt to be pain free and lose excess fat weight. And being equipped with the true knowledge of health derived from the Divine Books and Functional Medicine, I now witness the body’s innate ability to heal without drugs, taking you back on the Fitrah track.


So I believe that learning to be healthy is a million times more valuable than popping pills. And healthy habits last for life!


I created Fitrah Metabolic Reset and Weight Loss Program to give you the skills and confidence to be your own health advocate, all from the comfort of your own home.


We’ve helped a countless number of people release extra weight, increase energy, improve sleep, change their mindset, connect them back with their bodies and truly love themselves back to a vibrant, healthy life.


I look forward to seeing you transform and I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!


Yours Upon The Fitrah,

Coach Mohamed Mostafa

Introducing The Fitrah Metabolic Reset & Weight Loss Program ™

Our Comprehensive Group Program Is So Much More Than Weight Loss! Our Clients Get Amazing Results Because Our Proprietary Process Addresses Their Body, Mind & Spirit. 

The Fitrah Metabolic Reset & Weight Loss Program is a weight optimisation and lifestyle program to help you with unresolved weight loss and inflammatory issues.


It’s a 12-week program in which you will lose an average of 10-15 kgs safely, rapidly and permanently.


It’s a Mind, Body and Spirit approach to weight loss. We emphasize what contributes to weight gain (and what other programs miss) such as sleep, digestion, stress, toxins, our thoughts and Beliefs​ and other lifestyle factors.


The program also focuses on learning how to cook real, whole foods, becoming more self-aware, and making better long-term choices for your health. Our Fitrah Recipe Book will teach you how to be a pro cook.

Here’s what others are already saying about Fitrah Metabolic Reset & Weight Loss Program

What Makes This Program So Effective? Our 8 Pillar Approach

This program is so much more than weight loss. We get amazing results because of our  8 Pillar Approach that addresses the Body, Mind and Spirit


What You’ll Get Out Of The Program

  • Safe, rapid and permanent weight loss

  • Look and feel the best you’ve ever felt

  • Vibrant energy

  • Restful sleep - wake up refreshed

  • Greater mental clarity

  • More confidence

  • Better digestion

  • Better control over your emotions

  • Feel more peaceful and grateful

  • Balanced blood sugars and blood pressure

  • Amazing radiant skin

  • Better-fitting clothes

  • Greater self-love and self-care

  • Higher self confidence and self esteem​

  • Mind, Body, and Spiritual Alignment

Our Clients are saying...

The Fitrah Metabolic Reset and Weight Loss Program Includes

Magic happens in a community of like-minded, heart-centered individuals travelling the same path...together we will hold each other accountable….so we all succeed !

Plus These Special Bonuses 

        It’s time to say Goodbye to

        • 10+kgs of weight 

        • Low energy levels

        • Poor sleep

        • Cravings and emotional eating

        • Pain and inflammation

        • Hormonal imbalances

        • Tasteless diet food

        • Intense workouts

        • Yo-yo dieting

        • Weight loss rollercoaster

        • Low self-esteem and low self-confidence

        •  Brain fog

        • Sluggish metabolism

        • Calorie-restriction diets that don't work

        • Feeling hopeless that things will never change

        I Invite You To Join Our Fitrah Metabolic Reset and Weight Loss Program


        Plus These Special Bonuses 


        (Installments Available)



        JOIN US NOW TO

        • Get an amazing value for 12 weeks of personalised health support!

        • Free yourself from stubborn weight

        • Greatly improve your quality and enjoyment of life, and

        • Reach a level of health and confidence you didn’t think was possible!

        3 Weight Loss Myths Debunked

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How is this different from other programs?

        What will I be eating?

        Why do you suggest little exercise?

        What happens when the 12 weeks are finished?

        How much weight will I lose?

        What if I am on medication?

        Are the results permanent?

        Who is this program NOT for?

        A final word from Coach Mohamed


        I started Fitrah Wellbeing to create a community of like-minded individuals who are seeking health and wellbeing to attain greater goals beyond themselves such as the pleasure of their Creator, being  a helpful and effective member of the community and so much more.


        Health is the vehicle between you and the other side and our signature weight loss program is the most comprehensive, practical and affordable healthcare strategy on the planet to help you reach your goal with ease.


        We’re passionate about developing honest and real relationships and guiding clients like you through the exact steps needed for rapid, permanent weight loss and greatly upgraded health and wellbeing, based on the Fitrah.


        This is an investment that will benefit you for the rest of your life – and you’re worth it!


        And remember, Your Wellbeing is YOUR choice.


        I look forward to meeting you in the program and celebrating your wins!


        Yours Upon The Fitrah,

        Coach Mohamed Mostafa

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